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Over the years, Redland and TGV have formed a close working relationship; so when they asked us to create a new point of sale unit, we knew exactly what to do.

The brief was to create a cost-effective POS unit to promote the new range of Rapid Verge systems available for both Redland 49 tile and Fenland Pantiles.

The biggest challenge was to create something that not only looked good, but could accurately display both products. As the stand would be used in a busy roofing merchant environment, it had to be durable and sturdy as well as flexible.

TGV incorporated the Verge units into the POS display to act as supports. This approach demonstrates how the product is utilised on the verge of a roof. A leaflet holder was included to give the roofer something to reference to.

To add to this, the unit was made reversible - one side demonstrated Redland 49 the other showed Fenland Tiles. This gave the merchant more flexibility and the stand became more functional.

Redland - Merchant Display 01
Redland - Merchant Display 02


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